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The Viral Monsters offers free ebooks branded with your ClickBank affiliate id. We have a great book promotion viral monster that will help promote your book/books. The key here is to get your free branded ebook and make it go viral. It's very easy to do and if you get it in the right hands, it good take off in a matter of days. These viral monsters can bring you a ton of web traffic to your ClickBank affiliate id and extra income from sales made through your affiliate id. Everyone will want to get their hands on one or all of these viral monsters because of the gain in exposure you'll get. The exposure is really crazy how these ordinary ebooks can bring so much attention. Get your ebook/ebooks now! Below are covers of rebranded ebooks that you can rebrand and give them away on your websites or blogs, just download to your computer, then open the folder and click on the rebrander and  then click on the pdf ebook, and fill in with your ClickBank Id. Once you have branded your ebook, just offer it free to your website visitors, plus add them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all other social media networks and watch how fast they go viral. There is also an image for using with social sites, you can resize or leave it the same size it is now.

The Blank Ebook

The Viral Monsters Is Also The Home Of The Blank Ebook! Sounds Funny? But It's Not, There Is Nothing In The Book You Can see Other Than The Cover! Click The Book Cover Above To Get A Copy Now!

This is a unique pdf ebook totally blank other than the cover image. The text is all hidden with images, text links, three articles, plus a ton of ClickBank Products. You can purchase this book here on or After you purchasing this ebook, you can find out how to get your own branded copy with your ClickBank affiliate id installed. Everyone is wanting this ebook because of it's unique approach and the fun of it having blank pages. There are tons of links and blank image links that can be found with mouse over, plus you can high light, copy and paste to notepad. I know this sounds crazy but it's not, it's fun. There are two ways to get this ebook branded with your ClickBank affiliate id installed, one, buy it from, or, and after purchase there is two more ways to get your copy and rebrand it! You'll have to buy it and find out in the ebook. Good Luck with The Blank Ebook!

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Here you can get 12 free adult affiliate rebrandable ebooks ! Attention Adult Content!

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We have 12 adult affiliate rebrandable ebooks here! Attention Adult Content!

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